USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 Digital Cruise Books


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USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 Digital Cruise Books

Digital download, you will be sent the download by email after purchase.

The USS Paul F. Foster Association has collected digital copies of all available cruise books and has digital copies available in the ships store. The cost is to cover the professional scanning of the books.

USS Paul F Foster completed 13 Deployments but only 10 cruise books were produced.

No books were produced for 1990/1991 deployment, 1992/1993 deployment or 1994 deployment.

A Video cruise book was made for 1990/1991 Desert Storm Deployment, available on our YouTube channelĀ


USS Paul F Foster DD-964 Deployment History from Command Histories

1976/1977 1st Anniversary Feb 21st 1976 to Feb 21st 1977 Digital copy Available
1st Deployment Mar 7th 1978 to Oct 6th 1978 Digital copy Available
2nd Deployment Nov 13th 1979 to May 2nd 1980 Digital copy Available
3rd Deployment Apr 7th 1982 to Oct 17th 1982 Digital copy Available
4th Deployment Aug 28th 1984 to Dec 20th 1984 Digital copy Available
5th Deployment Aug 12th 1986 to Feb 6th 1987 Digital copy Available
6th Deployment Feb 24th 1989 to Aug 24th 1989 Digital copy Available
7th Deployment Dec 8th 1990 to Jun 8th 1991 Video Cruise Book Only
8th Deployment Jul 20th 1992 to Jan 20th 1993 No Cruise Book produced
9th Deployment Apr 23rd 1994 to Oct 20th 1994 No Cruise Book produced
10th Deployment Feb 21st to Aug 21st 1997 Digital copy Available
11th Deployment Jan 27th to July 26th 1999 Digital copy Available
12th Deployment Jan 12th 1999 to Jun 28th 2001 Digital copy Available
13th Deployment Jun 17th 2002 to Dec 20th 2002 Digital copy Available



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1st Anniversary Book 1976, 1st Deployment, 2nd Deployment, 3rd Deployment, 4th Deployment, 5th Deployment, 6th Deployment, 10th Deployment, 11th Deployment, 12th Deployment, 13th Deployment