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Show your support for the USS Paul F. Foster Association and pay your annual, 3 year, or lifetime dues, your dues help keep the website running and help us grow and help everyone during reunions.

$25.00 One Year Individual Membership, annual dues, expires Dec 31st each calendar year.

$35.00 Two Married Members (Only If Both Persons Served Aboard the USS Paul F. Foster) Membership

$75.00 Three Year Individual Membership, good for 3 calendar years, remainder of current year (year of pruchase) plus 2 more years, expires Dec 31st of 3rd year.

$500.00 for one lifetime Membership-NEVER expires–please provide information about lifetime member, Rate/Rank, years on Foster

Reminder, annual membership is by calendar year, annual membership expires Dec 31st each year or on Dec 31st of 3rd year for 3 year members, each new calendar year starts January 1st. Memberships are not transferable.

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