The following is a list of deceased Paul F Foster crewmembers. If you know of any additions or edits to this list please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Anderson, "Andy" MACS

Plank Owner

Anderson, Bill EN3

Plank Owner

Byard, Larry LCDR

Plank Owner

Baker, James   78-79
Beedy, FN  
Brooks, Brian   78-79
Brown, Tommy   Plank Owner
Collins, Leonard HTC  
Dockery, Donald OSCS Plank Owner
Druckery, Ed  EM1 Plank Owner
Emerson, William GSM2  
Fagen, David    
Fallon, Peter QMC Plank Owner
Flack, Monte ENCM Plank Owner
George, Donald MSC  
Hargrave, Bevard LT Plank Owner
Hughes, James    
Jenkins, Ronnie EN3 Plank Owner
Joyner, Doug SM3 79-80
Kopacz, Tony   Plank Owner
Lilly, Jacob DC2   
Lockhart, Theodore RADM  

Lovall, Chris 

OS? 89-92
Maloney, Stephen C CMDR  
Morris, DS2  
Pogliano, IC2  
Puffenbarger, Martin   Plank Owner
Sewell, Ray CWO Plank Owner
Sheahan, Kevin RM?  
Spahn, Geoffrey EM2 Plank Owner
Spangler, EW?  
Vogel, William R. SK1 77-78
Wilkinson, John IC1 Plank Owner
Woodside, Mike EM2 Plank Owner
Yohe, George EN1 78-82

Last Updated: June 2013

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