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Hello Shipmates!

This past year has been a great one for your association website. We were able to turn the site into a reunion portal where you could get all the info needed for the reunion as well as pay all association fees needed! We're super happy with the results of the work and are excited about seeing everyone at the next reunion.

Secondly we're pushing to get the Ship's Store up, running and stocked. Our goal is for this to be THE place where you go to get all your PFF stuff! If you have something you would like to sell please let us know and we can talk about adding it.

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Tax-Exempt Status

In the February 2013 Newsletter I promised to keep you updated on the status of the Association’s application with the IRS for determination as a tax-exempted organization.  At that time we had been waiting awhile for their ruling.  It seems our association got caught up in the whole IRS-targeting-conservative-groups-for-extra-scrutiny scandal.  Not that the IRS targeted our association specifically but rather all organization requesting tax-exempted status during that time period had to be reevaluated.

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Greetings Association Members and Shipmates,


I hope all had great Holidays and are looking forward to a new year. I am especially looking forward to our upcoming reunion scheduled for July 24-27, 2014 in Ventura Calif. The PFFA Board hopes that you will be joining us for this event as I am certain it will be as fantastic and memorable as our past reunions.


I would like to take a moment to talk about the future of the USS Paul F. Foster Association. As you all know from other Newsletters, Facebook, Association Website and emails, the current and past Board of Directors have worked hard to build the Association from the ground up. A great deal has been accomplished. Most notable, an outstanding tool for the organization and the hub of our wheel, our website. Webmaster Lee, in working with the Board, has developed this tool with the future of the Association in mind. We can now accept Membership Donations: donations from any individual or Corporation that would like to help support our Veterans Group. You can also find out information about shipmates, sign up for the reunions, stay connected through the Forums and in the near future purchase Association memorabilia. The website will continue to grow and new things will be added, as the organization grows. Thanks to Lee and his dedication in helping the Association cut a path to the future.

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