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Greetings and welcome to the first USS Paul F. Foster Newsletter! The Board and I would like to update and keep you informed of the progress of the Association, as well, share some personal thoughts and feelings. Each of the Board members has written an article to inform you of the different activities and developments of the Association. I hope you find this newsletter informative and enjoyable. The approach I would like to take with my portion of this newsletter is to talk about the past, present and future, of the USS Paul F. Foster Association.

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It was December of 2002 when my involvement with reunion planning all started. I never really intended to be involved, but the Navy experiences that forged me into who I am today took hold. It was a boring day and I was trying to kill some time when I decided to Google the USS Paul F Foster. Upon doing so I came across a posting stating that our former ship was to be decommissioned in just a few short months on March 27, 2003. While originally my intentions were not to visit the ship suddenly, I felt a sense of urgency to be able to see her one last time. As many of you, my experiences on board the USS Paul F. Foster were a mixed bag of good times, bad times, and everything in between. It's funny how when we actually are serving aboard a vessel such as the Foster we don't actually realize how much of an impact she makes on our life. It seems that it’s only when we look back we realize how lucky we were to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves!

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           Our association envisions the day when visitors can stroll the decks of the ship we called home after we persuade the Navy to donate the last remaining Spruance class destroyer for permanent display as a floating museum. Undoubtedly this lofty goal will require thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars – both mostly donated – but ultimately we'll leave an enduring legacy worthy of the USS PAUL F. FOSTER, her crew, and their service to our Nation.

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I am sorry to say we have lost two of our Plank Owners this past year, SN Tommy Brown and Captain Tony Kopacz. I spoke with Tommy over the holidays in 2011, several months before he passed in the fall. It meant a lot to Tommy when his shipmates started to touch base with him this past year. He was in good spirits and planning to take a trip to Florida with his family. It just so happened, that SN John Tolbert and Chief Eichorn were able to meet up with Tommy at the Chiefs home in Orlando. There is a great video on the USS Paul F. Foster Association Facebook page, showing the reunion of the three Salty Plank Owners and is an example of when something so little (reconnecting) can make such a difference.

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The Ships Store is in its infancy and will be in development soon. Lee Allison, our Web Master, has put together our new USS Paul F. Foster Association web page.  This has opened the door to the next step on developing our ships store and will be a new addition to our web page. The Board has asked many things of Lee and we are keeping him very busy developing other areas of the website.

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February 1976: Maiden voyage to Panama Canal. Pre-sunset two days out from the big ditch, I thought I might go topside and get some of the fading sunlight since I'd been below deck from sea and anchor until then. I noticed EN1 Martin Puffenbarger and EN1 John Moore (TAZ) fighting with a box and a broom on the flight deck as I ascended up the starboard side ladder, Curious as ever I asked what was going on, Taz told me to stay back as they had captured a massive Gulf of Mexico seabat and they were known to be dangerous. Puff struggled mightily trying to hold the box down against the deck, Taz was at the ready with the broom in case it escaped.

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As most of you know by now our association is incorporated in Florida.  Why Florida you ask?  A lot of research was performed by the Board early on to determine with which state would be best for us to register.  California was of course an obvious choice as was Washington.   We settled on Florida for several reasons.   First of all, the secretary at the time, Jon Powell, happens to live in Florida.  This is important because an agent residing within the state is a requirement to register a company with that state. 

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     And Hello from the Tech Department here at USSPaulFFoster.Org! We, your humble computer trolls have been hard at work wrestling the internets into submission and getting this sparkling shiney website up and running. If you haven't already checked us out, please do! We have some great forums that are waiting for your input! We have bios for ship's captains already up. We have a list of deceased crew memebers which we curate as well. Of course don't forget the galleries of images from reunions, cruises and such already up and brimming with pix!

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